Bull Run Invitational  September 30, 2023



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       Reunion Run Results          

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Results for 2023

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The numbers and names are preliminary and are subject to change thru the Coaches meeting Saturday morning

Bull Run  History    Year 1


           JV Elite & Large Boys                          Results    Teams Score     Results w/Mile                     

  Large Boys                                            Results    Teams Score    Results w/Mile      

            Large Girls                                            Results    Teams Score      Results w/Mile

           JV Elite & Large  Girls                         Results    Teams Score     Results w/Mile

            Elite  Boys                                             Results     Teams Score      Results w/Mile

            Elite  Girls                                             Results    Teams Score       Results w/Mile

            JV Small & Medium Boys                    Results    Teams Score       Results w/Mile

            Medium  Boys                                       Results    Teams Score       Results w/Mile

            Medium  Girls                                       Results    Teams Score       Results w/Mile

            Small Boys                                            Results    Teams Score        Results w/Mile

            Small Girls                                            Results    Teams Score        Results w/Mile

             JV Small & Medium Girls                  Results    Teams Score        Results w/Mile


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Overall Totals Complete Varsity Combined Results

Girls Results     Girls Team    Boys Results   Boys teams

Reunion Run 2022 Results 

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